XA 88 Audio induction loop driver for transport

Catalogue code: 4.05
Induction loop amplifier
Ampetronic Ltd., Unit 2, Trentside Business Village, Farndon Road, Newark, United Kingdom
Brief description
The XA88 is a specialist Audio Induction Loop driver designed for use on rail and other transport vehicles.
Recommended area covered by this driver
solid connectors, czech manual
Own experiences, UNB experts, Equalizent experts, Racio experts
Equipment is testing at Brnos Tramvay up to end of January 2019
Experiences of UNB clients, Equalizent clients, Racio clients
Important equipment at public transport for safety journey, Deaf organisation should push to operator of transport services
More informations
Supplier for the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia
Unie neslyšících Brno sociální podnik s.r.o., Palackého třída, 114, Brno tel:541245321,mob:725605216, email: polacek@pomuckyproneslysici.cz
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Public transport

Power 24V DC
Voltage range 14.4 - 33.6V DC
Overcurrent Protection Internal replaceable fuse, T 4A L
Power Consumption 61W (2.54 A) continuous audio
Loop Output Drive Voltage Includes configurable output transformer. Values shown at 1.67:1 ratio
Voltage: 7.1Vrms (11Vpk) at max. drive current
Current (max): > 11Arms (15.5Apk) with 1kHz sine
Current (short term): 21Apk absolute max
Current Adjustment: Front panel control
Current Indication: LED on front panel
Connector: MIL-C-5015 (2 pins of CON3)
Physical Dimensions Width 251mm, depth 320mm, height 89mm excluding connectors ,Weight 5kg, Construction Aluminium, powder coated. IP43 when mounted correctly, IP65 option available. <95% relative humidity, -40°C to +70°C (EN50155 TX). Installed unit should be mounted where the heat of normal operation can be dissipated by airflow through the rear heatsink.
AUDIO SYSTEM 80Hz to 6.5kHz
Metal Loss Correction Corrects system frequency response due to metal structures in a building. frequency to be set via the menu. Gain constant at 1kHz, adjustable gain slope from 0 to 4dB per octave in 0.25dB increments. Custom 2 slope MLC allows different slopes and transition 
Phase Shift User selectable at 0° or 90° between outputs