D14-2 Dante – Class D Networkable DSP Hearing Loop Amplifier

Catalogue code: 4.03
Hearing loop driver (Most powerfull amplifier)
Ampetronic Ltd., Unit 2, Trentside Business Village, Farndon Road, Newark, United Kingdom
Brief description
The D Series represents the global benchmark for digital audio hearing loop systems. The compact, elegant and sturdy units not only feature digital signal processing and networking functionality, but are also the most versatile and powerful solution available.
Recommended area covered by this driver
control software apps
Own experiences, UNB experts, Equalizent experts, Racio experts
Some institution cannot afford damaged floor, so solution is this powerful amplifier equipment, loop can be installed after consultation under ceiling
Experiences of UNB clients, Equalizent clients, Racio clients
Institution should invest to this amplifier almost everywhere, they can profit from increased attendance or can benefit from new customer
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Supplier for the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia
Unie neslyšících Brno sociální podnik s.r.o., Palackého třída, 114, Brno tel:541245321,mob:725605216, email: polacek@pomuckyproneslysici.cz
Comparing with other similar products
This amplifier is suitable for specific aplications only
Meeting room
Seminar room
Private homes
Receptions and waiting rooms

Power 160W 230V AC nominal, 45-65Hz.Power switch on front panel
Input 1 & 2 XLR balanced input with programmable switchable. Programmable between microphone and line via panel menu. Microphone specification; 200 - 600Ω, sensitivity -64dBu.
Programmable Microphone / Line Line Selectable 12V phantom power on microphone only, Line sensitivity; -39dBu, Input 2 can also be used for AES3 Digital Audio Signals
Slave In 6.35mm jack socket for linking more than one amplifier.Inserting plug disables other inputs
Dante RJ45 Ethernet input
Loop Output Drive Voltage 33.9VRMS (48Vpk) at maximum output current per channel
Loop Output/Drive Current D14-2 Dante
    10ARMS (14.1Apk) up to 60 seconds continuous 1kHz sine 
  wave, peak >14.1A per channel
  Cont. pink noise 4.7ARMS short term peaks >14.1A per ch.
Slave Out 6.35mm jack socket to connect to other slave amplifiers
Loop Connectors Neutrik NL2 Speakons (supplied) for each output
Loop Monitor Provides access to monitor actual loop current via a 3.5mm stereo headphone connector on front panel Channel A on left, channel B on right
Freq.response 80Hz to 6,5kHz
Automatic Gain Control The AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range >36dB
Distortion THD+N <0.2% 1kHz sine at full current
Metal Loss Correction Corrects system frequency response due to metal structures in a building. Gain constant  at 1kHz, adjustable gain slope from 0 to 4dB per octave in 0.25dB increments. Custom 2 slope MLC allows different slopes and transition frequency to be set via the menu. This does not compensate for signal loss from metal structures which can be significant.
Phase Shift User selectable at 0° or 90° between outputs
Fault Monitoring   Indicators on the front panel;
• Clipping – delivering over the rated voltage (per channel)
• Error - Check status in menu
Temperature and loop errors reported via the status menu
Cooling Single variable speed fan cooled. Front inlet, rear exhaust
PHYSICAL Full width 1U 19" rack mount.
Dimensions Width 430mm Depth 290mm Height 44mm
Mounting options Freestanding or 1U 19" rack mount (brackets included)
Weight 5,5kg
Enviroment IP 20 protection, 20 to 90% relative humidity, 0 to 35 C