Induction loop HLD7 up to 300m2

Catalogue code: 4.10
Large area - Churches, cinemas, theathres,
Contacta Inc., 332 LAKEWOOD BLVD. SUITE 400, HOLLAND, MI 49424, Michigan, USA
Brief description
The Contacta HLD7 is a modular hearing loop driver for perimeter or phased array configurations. It is designed for medium sized facilities such as; meeting rooms, lecture halls, places of worship and small theaters.
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Power 230V/50Hz Contacta Interconnect Input or output to or from additional Contacta systems. 90º phase shift selectable Loop Connection 4-pole speakON connector Loop Drive Current 6A RMS compliance current @ 1khz sine wave Loop Drive Voltage 15V RMS compliance voltage Dimensions: Height - 1.75”, Width - 7.87”, Depth - 10.24”,Weight 3.26lbs, Construction/Finish: Front & Rear: Mild Steel, Top & Bottom: Aluminium Finish: Powder Coated Black Control and display: Microphone Level Off, then to maximum in 50 1dB increments Line Level Off, then to maximum in 50 1dB increments Loop Current Off, then to maximum in 63 1dB increments High Frequency (HF) Compensation Flat to 6dB boost in 7 increments Function switching All functions selectable from front panel buttons, held in non-volatile memory Security Controls may be locked against tampering Metal Loss Correction: Digital Signal Processor (DSP), Dynamic range: 40dB typical, Attack time: 33 ms Release time: 3.6dB per second Input 1 (microphone) Balanced XLR with switchable phantom power or ¼” TRS jack for electret microphone with 12VDC power via 680Ω load Input 2 (line) Balanced XLR or ¼” TRS jack to ohmically isolated input