Active Loop Panel for Intercoms

Catalogue code: 4.01
Hearing loop panel
Ampetronic Ltd., Unit 2, Trentside Business Village, Farndon Road, Newark, United Kingdom
Brief description
Designed to be mounted close to an entry intercom or other devices where it can be connected to the audio source via transformer isolated balanced input.
• Door entry intercoms
• Help & information points
• Emergency refuge points
• Information desks & kiosks
Recommended area covered by this driver
adaptor 24V
Own experiences, UNB experts, Equalizent experts, Racio experts
new product, important equipment for acces to buildng for hearing aids users
Experiences of UNB clients, Equalizent clients, Racio clients
Intercom systems are now commonplace in a wide variety of entry, information, and service points. For those using a hearing aid, communicating with assistance staff can be made easier by discreetly linking directly to the intercom or help point, via a loop function on their hearing aid.
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Supplier for the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia
Unie neslyšících Brno sociální podnik s.r.o., Palackého třída, 114, Brno tel:541245321,mob:725605216, email: polacek@pomuckyproneslysici.cz
Comparing with other similar products
Private homes
Receptions and waiting rooms

Power requirements

Power Wago 2061 cage clamp for 0.5 - 1.5mm2 solid core or untinned fine stranded wire.
Nominal voltage 12V-24V DC
Voltage range:   8-30V DC
Fuse:  1.5A PTC
Power Consumption: 2.88W (240mA) continuous pink noise

  9.2W (765mA) continuous sine
  0.17W (14mA) quiescent Power Save
  14.4W (1200mA) max short term peak
Indication: LED on PCB
Input 1 & 2  
Connector: Wago 2060 cage clamp for 0.2 - 0.75mm2 solid core or untinned fine stranded wire
Line Level (Lo Z speaker)  
Rated source impedance: 1.8kΩ differential,
Input isolation:  1500V
Rated source EMF (sensitivity): - 16dBu for full output
Slave In 6.35mm jack socket for linking more than one amplifier.
Inserting plug disables other inputs
Audio Custom 2 slope MLC allows different slopes and transition 
Phase Shift User selectable at 0° or 90° between outputs